Customers' Feedback ( 1568 valued customers )

by N.B Male / United States Feb. 22, 2017
The service I received from TCGRepublic was outstanding. I will be using you in the future.
by D Male / Australia Feb. 22, 2017
Great packaging
by M.H Male / United States Feb. 22, 2017
It's great and the box that the cards come with is wonderful.
by N.M Female / United States Feb. 22, 2017
Everything was good!
by Z Male / Belgium Feb. 21, 2017
Fantastic service!
by J.S Male / The Netherlands Feb. 21, 2017
Item received in excellent condition!! Plus i like the free gift. Thanks!
by A Male / France Feb. 20, 2017
Cards are in great condition! Really thanks for the additional booster!
by C Male / United States Feb. 20, 2017
Everything is top notch. The cards I order are in great condition and were bought at a very reasonable price. The packaging is superb and I love the free Pokemon booster pack you guys send. Thank you very much. I plan on doing more business with TCGrepublic.
by J.P Male / Mauritius Feb. 20, 2017
First time and was very impress with your services. My card was just in perfect condition + the small gift. Didn't expect that much. Also fast shipping. Keep it up. *____*
by D Male / Singapore Feb. 19, 2017
by H.C Male / United States Feb. 19, 2017
One word fantastic.
by J.D Male / Philippines Feb. 18, 2017
Good Despite the delay and with few card freebies.
by W.T Male / United States Feb. 17, 2017
Amazing as always! Always loved the extra gift booster you guys give.
by L.D Male / France Feb. 17, 2017
Good as awlways.
by I.P Male / Spain Feb. 16, 2017
The cards where in perfect condition and the protection for the cards was perfect.
by S Male / The Netherlands Feb. 12, 2017
As Always fast delivery excellent qualityof the package and cards. Thank you very much for the nice extra booster! As Always great service!
by J.A Male / United States Feb. 12, 2017
Great service
by B.C Male / United States Feb. 11, 2017
Pretty good. The site was easy to navigate and everything was as I ordered it.
by A Female / Canada Feb. 11, 2017
by M.M Female / United States Feb. 10, 2017
You guys are great! The extra booster pack was such a nice suprise. It made my day brighter!
by J Male / Poland Feb. 10, 2017
very happy shopping here :)
by J.T Male / Malaysia Feb. 10, 2017
I was dissatisfied with the condition of some of the cards I received but when I issued a complaint I was granted an immediate refund with no problems. My Customer Support representative Ryo Tominaga was very helpful throughout the process. In conclusion I am very satisfied with professional level of service but am hesitant to trust the quality of products.
by A.S Male / United States Feb. 10, 2017
I enjoy browsing through your website and the service was good. The packaging was also perfect! Hope to have another transaction with you again!
by C Female / United States Feb. 10, 2017
AMAZING. My entire day was made by the bonus gift included. I was skeptical about the price at first but it's absolutely worth it. Will order again.
by C.C Male / France Feb. 8, 2017
Fast and excellent :)
by R.Q.R Male / Mexico Feb. 8, 2017
I really like your service and items that I have gotten with you. Clear communication and fast answer to any question about the product or products.
by T.R Male / Netherlands Feb. 8, 2017
Fast delivery and came in a perfect condition.
by E.S Female / United Kingdom Feb. 7, 2017
Fantastic service cards well pacakaged and came with a nice bonus!
by P Male / United States Feb. 7, 2017
Excellent as awlways.
by D.P Male / United States Feb. 7, 2017
The care of the cards was top quality and I couldn't be happier about that it just took a lot longer than I had hoped to get the cards. I would totally buy from you again I just hope that it won't take 2 plus months to get my cards.
by B Male / United States Feb. 7, 2017
Really well packaged and in good condition.
by D Male / United States Feb. 7, 2017
Awesome service!
by J.S Male / United States Feb. 5, 2017
Fantastic service! Very prompt shipping and they even contact you to give updates. Prices are good with a great selection. Packing for my cards was fantastic to. Places inside a sleeve then placed into a plastic cd case and placed inside 2 layers of bubble wrap. I am already looking forward to my next purchase from TCG Republic.
by K.P Male / Austria Feb. 5, 2017
Realy nice Packaging and the free booster was a nice surprise
by D.R Male / United States Feb. 4, 2017
Overall was excellent no complaints from me.
by P.S / Germany Feb. 3, 2017
one of the best shops i know great service and very friendly thank you so much also for the nice present (o^.^)b
by B Male / Canada Feb. 3, 2017
Good price and quality. Thanks.
by A Male / United States Feb. 3, 2017
The packaging was excellent and carefully done and the steps to fulfill the order were prompt the sort of effort that makes repeat customers.
by C Male / Singapore Feb. 2, 2017
Great services arrived sooner than EDD
by T.S Male / United States Feb. 2, 2017
Cards shipped very fast arrived in time for GP Atlanta. Great prices and selection looking forward to finishing Keeper set after my next paycheck.
by D Female / Netherlands Feb. 1, 2017
I am very happy with the services! The package arrived way earlier than expected and I also got a nice little bonus gift. Amazing thank you! Will definitely be buying again in the future.
by S Male / Switzerland Feb. 1, 2017
So far everything went perfectly and I'm very pleased. I enjoy very much buying on TCG Republic ! :-)
by L.Z.Y Male / Singapore Feb. 1, 2017
The card arrive earlier than expected i really love the free gift and the packaging.Will definitely come back
by K.R Male / United States Feb. 1, 2017
by A.S Male / United States Feb. 1, 2017
The cards were well-packaged. The store has by far the best selection of Japanese cards with worldwide shipping available.
by P Male / Thailand Feb. 1, 2017
by J.J Male / Singapore Jan. 31, 2017
Although it took quite awhile to come the packaging and special gift was very nice and greatly appreciated! I'd definitely recommend your service to my friends and family.
by P.H Male / United States Jan. 31, 2017
The webpage is very user friendly and I had little trouble looking to find specific cards from different card games. The function to search up cards using their code was impressive. The items I purchased came in a very secure package with a surprise inside. I was very excited about my cards coming in with a surprise.
by B.M Female / United States Jan. 30, 2017
Excellent service and my order arrived quite quickly despite it being international. My money is well spent.
by D.V Male / New Zealand Jan. 30, 2017
Brilliant. Love you guys so much. Postage is so quick. Thanks