Customers' Feedback ( 2485 valued customers )

by J.C Male / Philippines March 14, 2018
Very good
by L Male / United Kingdom March 14, 2018
by A.W Female / Australia March 14, 2018
My order arrived on time and in perfect condition. I was surprised to find some bonus items included. Thank you!
by N.O Female / United States March 14, 2018
AMAZING! I will definitely order from you again!
by A Male / Canada March 13, 2018
Very safely packaged and I appreciate the gift pack as well. Thanks!
by R.C Male / Canada March 13, 2018
Very high quality packaging the products purchased were very well protected no damaging occurred. The additional booster pack given was much appreciated.
by L.R Male / Portugal March 12, 2018
by M Male / Australia March 12, 2018
amazing seller will buy from again
by E Male / France March 11, 2018
Excellent delivery service (the extreme care for the merchandise is amazing) and quick customer support for personal requests is all a buyer could ask for.
by A.J Male / France March 10, 2018
Really fast delivery from Japan tout France.
by Z.O Male / Canada March 7, 2018
Great quality fast shipping nice picked.
by J Male / United States March 7, 2018
Great service and fast shipping well packaged. Would highly recommend to all collectors.
by M Male / Australia March 6, 2018
amazing seller of all Japanese trading cards you need
by N.Y Male / Australia March 6, 2018
Was extremely quick delivery and the cards were in great condition
by R.M Male / United States March 5, 2018
You guys shipped the item faster than expected which is good! It came in perfect condition and with the best packaging anyone can ask for.
by M Other / Spain March 4, 2018
you guys are the best!
by I Male / Croatia March 4, 2018
Great service as usual very well packed. Thank you!
by T.T Male / Singapore March 4, 2018
The processing of order took a little long but packaging was good and cards were in good condition
by T.A Male / United States March 4, 2018
Amazing quality of packing. Speed of shipping was decent. I appreciate the little card pack bonus as well!
by B.B Male / United States March 4, 2018
I made note to draw a smile on the package and I got what I wanted!
by G Male / France March 3, 2018
Tres bonne boutique pour l'achat de cartes wixoss et livraison tres rapide.
by Z.O Male / Canada March 2, 2018
Nicely packed all products are perfect.
by O.R Male / United States March 1, 2018
Thank you for your request service! Really helps being able to purchase a few cards that would otherwise be unavailable to me. Grateful for the quick message responses from Ryo ~
by S Male / United States March 1, 2018
Package contained everything I ordered and it was packed well.
by L.W Male / Belgium Feb. 27, 2018
by M.B.N Male / Denmark Feb. 27, 2018
Great service item arrived on time and even included a free pack highly recommended.
by P.H Male / Germany Feb. 27, 2018
(Almost) the cheapest prices I've ever seen but the great packaging makes up for it. Free shipping is also amazing.
by A Male / United States Feb. 27, 2018
Excellencent packaging and speed of shipment as always.
by A Male / United States Feb. 27, 2018
by M.E Female / United States Feb. 27, 2018
I recieved it sooner then I thought and I was very satisfied with my order.
by P.D Male / Singapore Feb. 27, 2018
Fast ans Efficient
by L Female / United States Feb. 27, 2018
I have never ordered cards before this but if I ever need to order some again I am definitely using this service again! So well packaged and in perfect condition too! The bonus pack made the whole experience 100 times better and I will definitely be recommending this site in the future!
by P Male / Italy Feb. 25, 2018
by D.L Male / United States Feb. 24, 2018
by H.W Male / United States Feb. 24, 2018
Great cards great varieties of cards great price for many rare cards great communication great packaging.
by B.R Female / United States Feb. 24, 2018
The time the package took to get to my house was way shorter than expected and the card came in great condition.
by B Male / Germany Feb. 24, 2018
very good packaging excellent cards were in good condition gift (booster)
by D.B Female / United Kingdom Feb. 23, 2018
Services are brilliant items are dispatched quickly and arrive very well packaged and shipping is always free.
by I Male / Croatia Feb. 23, 2018
Awesome shop and great service! Will definitively come back. Thank you!
by D.L Male / Australia Feb. 23, 2018
Staff are always helpful & keep things updated always happy to come back & get more cards. Keep up the Excellent Work. Thanks
by D.T Male / United States Feb. 22, 2018
Quick overseas shipping is always appreciated the store staff saw that the order was processed in a timely manner and sent faster than almost every overseas store I have had business with. The order itself was packaged with great care and the team responsible for it has my thanks for their efforts as well as the store for the attention to detail and insuring my order arrived safely.
by M.M Female / United States Feb. 22, 2018
I got my cards quickly and they were in great shape. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that a free booster pack had been included as well.
by T Other / United States Feb. 22, 2018
Safe shipping decent delivery time excellent customer service
by B / United Kingdom Feb. 21, 2018
Great services never failed.
by K Male / United States Feb. 21, 2018
Great and reliable service. Ordering more stuff again soon thank you.
by B Male / United States Feb. 21, 2018
Very good shipping time! I did have to go through some waiting because of unforeseen stock ISSUES but other than that great shipping!
by A.R Male / United States Feb. 21, 2018
Came in on time and was in great condition. Was given a free booster pack as well.
by C.H Female / United States Feb. 21, 2018
The speed in which you ship is amazing it takes only a mere 10 days for the items to come.
by D Male / Singapore Feb. 21, 2018
Cards were protected very well and prices of the cards are reasonable as well
by J.A.W Male / United States Feb. 21, 2018
I'm happy with the fast shipping and can not wait until I order more very soon