Customers' Feedback ( 1998 valued customers )

by D Male / United States Aug. 7, 2017
Shipment came faster than it was expected.
by J.B Male / United States Aug. 7, 2017
Very fast shipping. Items are in mint condition. Thanks!
by R.O Male / Canada Aug. 7, 2017
Fast shipping and mint cards! I was very happy with everything.
by R.H Male / United States Aug. 6, 2017
Absolutely Perfect!
by F.C Male / United States Aug. 6, 2017
My cards arrived as described but it took almost two weeks for my order to ship out which made me to worry that my order had been forgotten about since this isn't my first time ordering from TCG Republic. I was also disapppointed that I did not receive a free gift for my order like I did with my past orders. This may have been my least expensive order from them but the total cost difference was only the price of a $3-4 card so its a shame that TCG Republic doesn't value customer loyalty when providing their services as I previously assumed they did. Nevertheless I did receive the cards I ordered but you might want to look elsewhere to buy singles if you need them quickly unless TCG Republic is the only place you can find the cards you need.
by R.P Male / United States Aug. 5, 2017
I am extremely satisfied with service I received from RYO I live in the states there are several TCG exclusives not available to me. RYO provided me a way to obtain several at an affordable price (free shipping worldwide is a very big plus) Cards arrived packaged with care and to top off it a major suprise was the free pack of cards included as a gift just for purchasing with them...much appreciated. Overall I have been highly satisfied with my experience and will definitely purchase from them again
by I Male / Canada Aug. 4, 2017
Have yet to receive order after 7 weeks. Was told to contact TCGRepublic again if there was still further delay but received no response.
by F Male / Germany Aug. 3, 2017
Everything was fine. Shipping was fast ( 1 -2 weeks ) I will defently order aigan!
by H Male / United States Aug. 3, 2017
Amazing service!!! Thank you so much!!!!
by S Male / Netherlands Aug. 2, 2017
Again fast delivery and best quality. Also thanks for the free booster. I will come back for sure!
by E.U Female / German Aug. 2, 2017
Cards arrived in perfect condition; shipping was very fast. Thank you for your perfect service and for the additional gift.
by J.E.T Male / Philippines Aug. 2, 2017
I am really impressed of the quality of the cards I ordered. They're in pristine condition and are properly sealed to prevent damages. I also appreciate the bonus booster pack you sent me. It shows how much you care for the customers. All in all I am highly satisfied of your service. More power and God bless :)
by A.V Male / United States Aug. 2, 2017
I was not sure about this page at first but after trying out your services I was really glad that I took the chance! I look forward to ordering more from this page.
by E Female / United States Aug. 2, 2017
The shipping was quick and I love how reasonably priced everything is
by E Male / United States Aug. 1, 2017
The product got to me in a pretty timely fashion and not only did I get the product I ordered but I was pleasantly surprised when I got a free pack to go along with it. It was very surprising and I really appreciated the gesture. That little bit went a long way and it showed how dedicated you guys are to serving and caring for your customers. I definitely plan on buying from you guys again.
by E Female / United States Aug. 1, 2017
Bought booster packs off of your site! They came in perfect condition and my pulls were spot on!!! Thanks again for selling these!
by M Female / United States July 31, 2017
The order arrived very fast and the packaging was great.
by N.H Male / United States July 30, 2017
by I.O Male / Canada July 30, 2017
Package was taking a long time to arrive but good communication throughout - and it was very exciting to receive a complimentary booster pack with the purchase of just a single card - much appreciated. Everything was very well packed too.
by C.M Male / United States July 30, 2017
Really enjoy the amount of care put into packaging. The surprise gift is also cool. :)
by M Male / Singapore July 30, 2017
Great packaging again. However cards condition this round was as good as first one
by W Male / United States July 29, 2017
Very fast shipping came within a week of shipping even without EMS
by M.K Male / United States July 29, 2017
Excellent! Helpful customer service when asking about out of stock items items came in perfect condition when they were back in stock and the little bonus was especially appreciated. Will definitely be buying again from you guys! :)
by N Male / United States July 29, 2017
Card arrived quickly and in great condition.
by T Male / Finland July 29, 2017
Mostly satisfied with the service. Especially the shipping.
by D.J Male / France July 29, 2017
tres content de nombreux pour le plaisir de tous
by A.C Male / Italy July 28, 2017
Perfect! I also reiceved a gift.
by R Male / Mexico July 28, 2017
The cards are not in excellent condition (probably 8.5/10 or 9/10) I wanted them for collection and now I have to sell them I would definitely not buy here again
by J.L Male / Mexico July 28, 2017
Hands down for the best online retailer of japanese singles tcg. From the package customer service and dedícate attention to meet the customer's demands and questions. And a free booster pack as an extra?! That's nuts!! I'm in love with you now.
by F Male / France July 27, 2017
Perfect services.
by K Male / United States July 27, 2017
Greatest site to order from overseas
by M.C Male / Italy July 26, 2017
Great service as always in everything!
by G Male / Canada July 26, 2017
Shipping was fast and secure. Service was personal and professional.
by C.H Male / United States July 26, 2017
Fast delivery well-priced
by U Male / United States July 26, 2017
Fast cheap good variety and safely packaged!
by D.M Male / United States July 26, 2017
by S / United States July 26, 2017
Ordered a few single cards and received them 5 days after they were shipped. It arrived safely in a clear CD case inside bubble wrap with a cardboard piece to protect it. I also received a nice bonus booster pack with them. Overall a pretty good first experience buying from TCG Republic.
by D.C Male / Canada July 26, 2017
Great packaging and fast shipping. Trusted source for my JP Weiss Schwarz and supply needs.
by D.C Male / Canada July 26, 2017
Fast and great service.
by J.T Male / United States July 26, 2017
Thank you for fixing my issue i received the cards in mint condition.
by P.V Male / United States July 25, 2017
Very good I will definitely order again from in the future.
by G.N Male / Brazil July 25, 2017
The cards arrived in perfect state and neatly secured and the added bonus of one booster pack was a very nice surprise! No complaints watsoever.
by E Female / Spain July 22, 2017
It arrived very quickly condition of the product was excellent :D
by E Male / Toronto July 22, 2017
Great service fast replies about questions and great packaging.
by S Male / Italia July 21, 2017
by K Male / United States July 21, 2017
Very good and fast delivery! Thanks to you guys I can acquire the cards I am unlucky on pulling from packs. Very good place for collectors to shop.
by A Female / Canada July 20, 2017
Everything is fine.
by I.H / Indonesia July 20, 2017
by W.P Male / USA July 20, 2017
Perfect! I love the packaging <3 and the quality of the cards are the best! even it's different when I opened from the boxes.
by T.F Male / Belgium July 20, 2017