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by A Male / Spain March 6, 2019
Great service best quality and with a present thank you
by T.A Male / France March 5, 2019
Very good service
by J.L Female / United States March 5, 2019
Everything arrived in good condition shipping was quick and everything arrived much earlier than expected. I did not contact customer service but did appreciate the bonus pack in with my cards :)
by P.G Male / Canada March 4, 2019
Good service good packaging and fast shipping. Thank you.
by M.W Male / Hong Kong March 4, 2019
by R.C Male / United States March 1, 2019
Love the way you pack the cards double bagged in a jewel case and with cardboard re-enforcements. Wish everyone took care with packing cards and in general all merchandize like this.
by J.N Male / United States Feb. 27, 2019
I have nothing but praise for your service and communications. You and your staff have always exceeded my needs and wants.
by C Other / United States Feb. 27, 2019
fast and professional. thanks!
by A.F Male / United Kingdom Feb. 26, 2019
Order arrived and am overall very happy
by P.T Male / Brazil Feb. 25, 2019
almost perfect service. I always buy at TCG republic but I'm not totally satisfied with my last order. the condition of one of the cards that I received is really not worth of the price I paid for it. shame
by J / United States Feb. 24, 2019
My order was shipped quickly and it arrived safely. My cards were very well packaged.
by R Male / United States Feb. 24, 2019
by T.A Male / France Feb. 23, 2019
by N Male / United States Feb. 23, 2019
I was extremely impressed with the quality of the cards I recieved as well as their price with the free shipping! I ordered some of the harder to find FE Cipher cards for my sister and I who are huge fans of the series but can't find them easily since we live in the US. I was also extremely impressed with the protective measures they took to ensure the safety of their products.
by H Male / Mexico Feb. 22, 2019
Excellent services. Good price and attention. The package was very protected during its trip.
by S.P Male / United States Feb. 22, 2019
Fantastic!! <3
by E.F Female / United States Feb. 21, 2019
Cards are in amazing condition the extra pack was nice to receive the packaging is careful I am very satisfied
by E / United States Feb. 20, 2019
Absolutely superb!
by L.N Male / Canada Feb. 20, 2019
by J.S Male / United States Feb. 20, 2019
Everything arrived in excellent condition and on time. I am very happy with this service.
by M.P Male / Thailand Feb. 19, 2019
Great packing. Very satisfy.
by D.Z Male / United States Feb. 19, 2019
It was perfect.
by J.W Male / United States Feb. 19, 2019
Fast as always can't wait tell I get more Idolmasters & BanG Dream cards.
by E.L Male / United States Feb. 18, 2019
I really like the fast shipping and the great packaging.
by A Male / United States Feb. 17, 2019
The best packaging I've seen. Some of the best serice I've had when buying cards. I will be buying from you guys again! Keep up the great work! Your company is excellent!
by J.L Male / United States Feb. 17, 2019
Arrived on time and product was in great condition
by C.B Male / Thailand Feb. 16, 2019
by A.P / Italy Feb. 13, 2019
by O.R Male / United States Feb. 13, 2019
Awesome work thank you!
by E Female / United States Feb. 13, 2019
I Like the Protective Jewl casses the cards come in an how it has double slipcovers protecting the card.. I wanna get more like that all the time ;) Thankyou so much
by M.N Male / France Feb. 13, 2019
Cards arrived safely very good protection. But a card is not the one i ordered already sent a mail days ago and still no answer...
by J Male / United Kingdom Feb. 12, 2019
Item arrived faster than expected and in perfect condition and was packaged very well. The bonus pack was also a lovely touch. Incredibly impressed.
by L.B Male / United States Feb. 10, 2019
I love ordering from you. It does take a little to get here but I don't mind waiting. I am never disappointed in your services.
by S / United States Feb. 9, 2019
by A.N Male / Canada Feb. 8, 2019
Absolutely perfect! My card arrived in perfect condition and came in earlier than expected. I'm very pleased with my experience and would recommend this store to anyone!
by G.F Female / Italy Feb. 5, 2019
by Y.H Male / United States Feb. 5, 2019
by H Female / United States Feb. 5, 2019
Thank you so much for the card it got here safe and perfectly okay!
by M Male / Australia Feb. 4, 2019
amazing seller
by K.S Male / Australia Feb. 4, 2019
Very strong customer service and packages come safe and on time
by C Male / United Kingdom Feb. 4, 2019
At first im always weary about ordering from somewhere i have never before and when it comes to cards i have been burned.but here at tcg republic that was not the case not only did they have the cards i wanted but they were in pristine condition when they arrived. They took really care of them and packaging was fantastic. Will most definitely be back. Cheers
by J.W Male / United States Feb. 4, 2019
Another thank you for the fast shipping
by J.N Male / United States Feb. 3, 2019
Your services are the best and you always respond to all my emails. I'm very greatfull for all your company has done for me and look forward to many years of doing busiess.
by L.O Male / France Feb. 2, 2019
Very Very satisfied by this website and I strongly recommend it for whoever wants to complete their cards collection Very wide choice even though there are some unavailable items. Very quick shipment. (Within 5 business day) and tracking access is on time Thank you!
by J.N Male / United States Feb. 1, 2019
Great service and communication. Your company has gone above and beyound in helping me with answering questions and finding cards that I need. I look forward to may years of doing bussiness.
by A.W Male / United States Jan. 30, 2019
Fantastic service! Thank you very much. I'll be sure to order from you again when need be.
by J.T Male / United States Jan. 29, 2019
Both my orders were great and came in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks so much!
by M.D Male / Canada Jan. 29, 2019
by A.B Female / United States Jan. 29, 2019
Safely packaged and arrived in a timely manner! Would highly recommend.
by J.N Male / United States Jan. 28, 2019
Very fast and secure shipping. Love the product selection and ease of shopping.