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by M.K Male / United States Jan. 3, 2018
Card was in great condition and they sent me a free pack of cards too! Very cool of them will be buying a lot more from you guys soon
by A Male / United States Jan. 2, 2018
Excellent service! I truly am happy with all aspects of this great site!
by G.F Female / United Kingdom Dec. 29, 2017
Excellent service fast shipping and cards arrived in perfect condition. The free booster pack was also a nice gift. Looking forward to dealing with you again.
by J Male / United States Dec. 29, 2017
Package arrived on time. Items are in wonderful condition. Thank you!
by A.S Male / United States Dec. 29, 2017
The cards arrived in a reasonable amount of time and are all in excellent condition. The packaging was also in excellent condition and each card was shipped in high quality durable card sleeves and placed in to a small sealed container with materials to fill empty space. Top notch packing!
by M.B Male / Canada Dec. 28, 2017
Very excellent service!! Really fast shipping and beautifully packaged! Very satisfied and will make a future order for sure!
by P.T Male / Brazil Dec. 28, 2017
Great service! Comprei somente 2 cards e ainda ganhei um booster de presente! Thank you very much!
by P.S Male / Spain Dec. 27, 2017
by J Male / United States Dec. 27, 2017
Every card comes meticulously packed in their individual sleeves and the extra protection of the packing material and the hardcover box is a nice touch.
by D.L Male / United States Dec. 27, 2017
The cards came in mint and were exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
by J.D Male / United States Dec. 27, 2017
My cards arrived in perfect condition. They were a gift for my friend and she loves them. Next time I need Japanese language cards I'll be sure to come to TCG Republic.
by T Male / United States Dec. 27, 2017
Packing was very cautious to the cards and even included a booster pack added in very generous
by I.L Male / Greece Dec. 26, 2017
by Y.N.C Other / Australia Dec. 26, 2017
2 week delivery the cards are safe and protected while it was delivered. What great about it we received a ocg booster pack. I would definitely use it again if I need to create a yugioh deck. Highly recommended.
by D.L Male / Netherlands Dec. 26, 2017
You re doing a good job and I'm verry happy with your service.
by L Male / Denmark Dec. 26, 2017
Nice packeing and fast delivery considering my location to quite far from your headquarters
by M Male / United States Dec. 26, 2017
Service was quick and professional. Package arrived quickly.
by S Male / United States Dec. 25, 2017
Great service very happy with my purchase. I would definitely order again.
by J.H Male / United States Dec. 25, 2017
card condition was a concern but it was resolved well.
by J.N Male / United States Dec. 25, 2017
Great seller and super fast shipping very well packaged. Highly recommend to all collectors.
by K Male / United States Dec. 25, 2017
Great delivery on the cards. Loved them and happy holidays to you all at TCG Republic!
by R.D Female / United States Dec. 23, 2017
The products arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition. Would buy from again.
by M.M Female / United States Dec. 23, 2017
Pleased as always~<3 I hope you can restock on some older Fate/ series cards sometime!
by I.D Male / Ukraine Dec. 22, 2017
I was really happy that I got my order before christmas
by D.H Male / Australia Dec. 22, 2017
The cards arrived with do damage and the fastest as they could. But it might be for better to use more small box to ship single as you compressed all my cards into one box the cards without toploader has been bended. It could be fixed but it will take some time. Overall still recommended to have a transaction here.
by E.S Other / Australia Dec. 20, 2017
Order arrive after a week of being sent and also received an extra booster as a gift. Thank you very much!
by L.P.Y Male / Malaysia Dec. 19, 2017
Good service as always.
by B Male / Netherlands Dec. 19, 2017
Packaged with care & ships fast!
by I.L Male / Greece Dec. 18, 2017
by M Male / Australia Dec. 18, 2017
best seller for all Japanese trading cards that you need
by W / United States Dec. 18, 2017
by A.C Male / Algeria Dec. 18, 2017
by I.H / Indonesia Dec. 18, 2017
by D.C Male / Canada Dec. 17, 2017
Fast shipping and great packaging Items came in great condition
by A Male / Canada Dec. 16, 2017
You guys are the best! Fast shipping and always well packed!
by M.Z Female / United States Dec. 16, 2017
Items are packaged perfectly and always delivered quickly
by M.W Male / United States Dec. 16, 2017
by D.F Male / United Kingdom Dec. 16, 2017
Perfect in every way!
by P.B Male / Romania Dec. 15, 2017
I was surprised at how fast and well-packaged my order arrived. The Cards were in pristine condition as well! No dent scratch or defects whatsoever! Perfection I recommend TCG-Republic to everyone collector casual or competitive player. You will receive the best from them!
by E.L Male / Bulgaria Dec. 15, 2017
The best place to purchase cards! Delivery was fast packaging is absolutely amazing and the staff is super kind! <3
by F.T Male / France Dec. 15, 2017
by T.F Male / Belgium Dec. 15, 2017
Great as usual.
by J Male / Denmark Dec. 11, 2017
Not my first time buying and still as good as last time fast shipping cheap prices and good customers service.
by C.S Female / Canada Dec. 11, 2017
by T.F Male / Belgium Dec. 11, 2017
Great card foor good price.
by F.F Male / Singapore Dec. 9, 2017
Card quality are the best
by Z.O Male / Canada Dec. 9, 2017
by A.S Male / Belgique Dec. 9, 2017
Very good service for FFTCG cards
by K.T Male / United States Dec. 9, 2017
Item arrived as described! Great gift!
by A Female / United States Dec. 8, 2017
Excellent site to get single cards from will continue to use it for my card game needs.