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by S.S Male / United States Dec. 27, 2018
Great service! Cards were packed exceptionally well and safe! My Order arrived safely and ahead of schedule! I am very happy with your services the cards came in super condition and are proudly on display. I will more than likely be ordering again in the future!
by P.R Male / Ireland Dec. 26, 2018
Excellent fast service and the free pack was very generous
by T Male / United States Dec. 26, 2018
by C.J Male / United States Dec. 26, 2018
by S.T Male / England Dec. 26, 2018
Exceptional delivery time on first order. Much slower on the following ones however this is due to the postal services not TCG. I am very happy with the dispatch time packaging and free gifts.
by Z Female / Germany Dec. 25, 2018
Very huge selection of cards and simply stunning service! The cards arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition also thanks to the incredibly safe and protective packaging. In addition to that there was even a booster back included for free which was an unexpected and very nice surprise. I am very happy to have found this website and definitely would order here again!
by C.S Male / Germany Dec. 24, 2018
Very good packaging!
by J Female / United Kingdom Dec. 24, 2018
Very carefully packed and arrives quickly thank you.
by B.C Male / United States Dec. 24, 2018
Very nice packaging great service.
by M Male / Chile Dec. 23, 2018
The packaging was amazing. The cards arrived in perfect condition. Shipping was fast.
by S.N Male / Croatia Dec. 23, 2018
The cards were in perfect condition and the bonus pack is a really nice bonus. Overall I am super satisfied.
by S Male / Korea Dec. 22, 2018
by I Male / Croatia Dec. 22, 2018
Thank you! Everything perfect as usual.
by O Male / United States Dec. 21, 2018
Responses by your staff have always been prompt. It's always been a pleasant experience purchasing from you.
by S.H Female / Puerto Rico Dec. 21, 2018
Cards came in incredible condition and well package and with an extra pack really one of the best services i have seen thanks a lot
by S.F Male / Belgium Dec. 20, 2018
Best packaging ever.
by J.I Male / United States Dec. 20, 2018
Everything arrived on time and the booster pack was an added bonus. I plan on ordering again in the future.
by M Male / New Zealand Dec. 19, 2018
amazing as always great packaging and very fast A+++
by I Male / Chile Dec. 19, 2018
Packages arrive safely and in time
by S.S Female / Finland Dec. 18, 2018
Fast shipping great packaging awesome!
by K Male / United States Dec. 18, 2018
Happy holidays to everyone in TCG Republic want to say thank you again for the shipment of cards! Arrived quickly thanks so much!
by Z Female / Germany Dec. 18, 2018
Huge selection available and incredibly great service! The packaging is exceptionally safe and therefore the cards arrived in perfect condition and faster than I expected. Two orders (which were both made within an hour or so) were combined in one package despite two different order numbers being very convenient and great in my opinion. On top of that there was even a sealed booster set of 10 cards included as a present. Such a pleasant surprise and something I certainly appreciate a lot!
by P.G Female / Singapore Dec. 17, 2018
The delivery came earlier than expected! Pretty satisfied with the quality of the cards and the bonus booster pack was a delightful surprise. Thank you!
by J.B Male / United States Dec. 17, 2018
Outstanding packaging! I have never seen such care for cards in my life! You should be proud!
by N Male / Italy Dec. 17, 2018
My order arrived great packaging and great gift :D I just make another order
by P.T Male / Brazil Dec. 13, 2018
Highly recommended as always.
by B.K Male / United States Dec. 13, 2018
The package was delivered quickly much faster than any other packages I have ordered from Japan. The cards arrived in pristine condition; it looked like they had never been touched before. The packaging was pretty secure and reassuring seeing as I will likely be buying more from you in the future!
by G.F Female / United Kingdom Dec. 12, 2018
Great packaging and cards in perfect condition. Excellent service!
by D.P / United States Dec. 12, 2018
I appreciate the thoroughness of your packaging as well as free shipping.
by N.C Male / France Dec. 12, 2018
I am very satisfied Perfect packaging no risk for cards not a ton of plastic bubble wrap and scotch (good protection but risky when opening time). Only one thing about the shipping it took ten days to leave Japan and only four days to get in my letter box it's apparently normal but I think you should use a faster carrier for Japan side (registered airmail for example). Thanks
by A.T Female / Denmark Dec. 12, 2018
I appreciate that you take such good care of the customers and take time to actually listen to them and ask them if their package have been delivered.
by J.S Male / Netherlands Dec. 10, 2018
Good service package arrived safely. Nothing was damaged.
by L Male / United States Dec. 10, 2018
It came within the time frame of delievery. The package its self came without any danage and the cards were in an excellent condition. I was surprised and happy to see a booster pack included as a gift. Thank you very much and I plan to order from TGC Republic in the near future.
by B Other / Singapore Dec. 8, 2018
Everything was packed very securely. The website search is very easy to use!
by I Male / Croatia Dec. 8, 2018
Thank you! Everything was perfect as usual great service and great cards.
by D.D Male / Switzerland Dec. 8, 2018
very professional. Especially the packaging is idiot-proof. Every card was in its own sleeve. Thank you very much
by T Male / United States Dec. 7, 2018
by D.L Male / French Polynesia Dec. 7, 2018
Great service fast and secure.
by A.B Male / United States Dec. 3, 2018
Cards arrived a bit sooner than I anticipated were in phenomenal condition and I didn't expect the free booster pack on the side. You folks are awesome and I appreciate the great service.
by W.D Male / Australia Nov. 30, 2018
this is my second time buy with them the card is pretty awesome protect is quite new
by S.L Male / Lithuania Nov. 29, 2018
by B.P Male / Canada Nov. 28, 2018
Thank you so much as usual! Everything came nice and smoothly! Thank you for the free gift too! It was much appreciated! ^w^
by M Female / United States Nov. 28, 2018
Amazing customer service -- the best I've had
by A.S Male / Italia Nov. 28, 2018
Perfect as usual!! super fast shipping and a booster pack for free :)
by M Male / Australia Nov. 27, 2018
amazing seller
by B.B Male / Canada Nov. 27, 2018
TCGRepublic is incredible! I've order from you 5 times now and everything was always smooth and easy. I've even had issues which were dealt with quickly and professionally. You always know how much you'll be paying too which is nice!
by S Male / Malaysia Nov. 27, 2018
Packaging is great I live at a place where customs do not care about the condition of the parcel and I am able to receive my items intact.
by K.S Male / Netherlands Nov. 26, 2018
Very great service. Very good quality.
by E.W Male / Singapore Nov. 24, 2018
Feedback on my 3 recent orders: Victory Dragon / ヴィクトリー・ドラゴン SDX-JP002 Arrived damaged with a crack in the card picture foiling showing the paper underneath. Gemini Elf / ヂェミナイ・エルフ BC-34 Arrived with a very big and obvious dent on the bottom right of the card. Some of the other older cards also had damaged edges and corners but the two cards I specified were the worst. The newer cards arrived in beautiful condition. Aside from that the cards were very well packaged. I also appreciate the two free booster packs thank you very much for that.
by I Male / Croatia Nov. 24, 2018
Great service and products. Will come back for more! Thank you!