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by P.S Male / United States July 16, 2019
by T.B Male / Canada July 14, 2019
Excellent packaging and the bonus gift was a very nice surprise!
by M.R Male / United States July 14, 2019
I really appreciate and loved how carefully packaged everything was. TCG Republic went above and beyond my expectations. I received a complementary gift with my order so that was a neat surprise. Additionally the pricing of the cards I bought were reasonable given that I thought it would go for higher. I didn't think I'd be able to find these cards anywhere since they are only sold in Japan. Not even ebay had them listed. So I really am grateful for you service. Thank you!!
by S Male / India July 13, 2019
Best packaging I've ever seen. Thank you for extra goodies.
by M Male / Australia July 12, 2019
Absolutely fantastic customer service; all interactions were prompt and professional despite the language barrier. The degree of care put into the packaging was second to none; these cards were so secured in bubble wrap they'd probably survive bring run over by a tank. Not to mention the quality of the product is incredible. Japanese cards are BEAUTIFUL.
by E.F Female / United States July 12, 2019
Amazing quality careful packing nice bonus pack
by G / Germany July 12, 2019
Perfect! My order arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. My card was packaged very safely. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.
by M.P Female / Netherlands July 11, 2019
I ordered a card in the shop it was available. Then after I payed and the package was prepared the card was out of stock and waited very long for that one card. Happened multiple times in the past.
by B.F Male / Denmark July 10, 2019
by M Male / Australia July 10, 2019
Amazing service and seller
by J Male / Croatia July 10, 2019
Everything perfect fast shipping and very well packed! Thank you!
by A.S Male / United States July 9, 2019
Excellent service and packaging! I'm a regular customer on this site and have never been disappointed! Everything is legit! My #1 stop for buying Japanese cards!
by B.D Male / United States July 7, 2019
Everything was amazing!
by V.L Male / Canada July 7, 2019
Fast and professional service. Singles were well packed to prevent damage.
by J.W Male / United States July 7, 2019
by Z.T Male / Belgium July 7, 2019
by A Male / Ireland July 3, 2019
Great service excellently packed and free pack of cards was a welcome surprise. Will use again.
by J Male / Mexico July 2, 2019
by H.C Male / United States July 1, 2019
I'm thankful for your site. I've been able to fill out my collection thanks to your site.
by K Male / Netherlands June 30, 2019
by R.R Male / Canada June 29, 2019
by D Male / Canada June 27, 2019
Everything arrived in excellent condition well packed with no issues!
by F Female / Italy June 26, 2019
Good but some cards are damaged
by E.L Male / United States June 26, 2019
Great packing and shipping.
by C.L Male / United States June 26, 2019
by Z.T Male / Belgium June 25, 2019
by A.A Male / United States June 25, 2019
Came early and was even given a free gift of card sleeves!
by T.B Male / United States June 25, 2019
The service and packaging were top notch and the free pack of cards really made my day. All future cipher purchases will be done with you!
by N Female / Netherlands June 24, 2019
by O.F Male / United States June 23, 2019
Quick great prices good selections
by A.F Female / Canada June 23, 2019
Very affordable packaged very well and even included a nice gift. Will shop here again!!
by A.A Male / United States June 21, 2019
Perfect as usual. Well packaged and even came early which is always a good experience.
by D.D Male / Iceland June 20, 2019
Perfect everything came as I expected and also got a suprise :D
by E.F Female / United States June 19, 2019
Fantastic quality cards at fantastic prices. Bonus pack was very nice too.
by J.S Male / United States June 19, 2019
I appreciate the fast shipping and the free pack. I got a cool SR I havent pulled yet so my collection is a little closer to completion.
by J.S Other / Canada June 19, 2019
Rather expedient compared to prior experience buying from Japan. Would definitely come back if I found more things catching my eye.
by A.A Male / United States June 18, 2019
Came well packaged as usual but actual arrived earlier only taking a week which was a very pleasant surprise.
by A.T Male / United States June 17, 2019
by A.B Male / United States June 16, 2019
The packaging for shipping is incredible. My carrier always insists upon shoving stuff too big for my mailbox into my mailbox. The package itself was a bit bruised but the cards were completely untouched. I also really appreciate the bonuses I often find in my packages it is really nice to know my business is appreciated.
by A.F Male / United Kingdom June 16, 2019
Good prices fast delivery
by A Male / United States June 12, 2019
Excellent service and packing! One of my main sites I use for buying Japanese cards! Bought from them several times and never have been disappointed!
by B.C Male / Mexico June 12, 2019
The package arrived today and all was perfect! And thank you for the gift!! :)
by R Male / United States June 11, 2019
Great as always. No problems at all. Item arrived in perfect condition.
by R Male / United States June 10, 2019
by J.W Male / United States June 10, 2019
As always good service and fast shipping.
by D.C Male / New Zealand June 9, 2019
Everything arrived in excellent condition. The usage of a CD case as protection was a really neat idea.
by M.G Male / Mexico June 8, 2019
Llegó muy bien protegido las tarjetas compradas y en muy buenas condiciones solo el tiempo de envío fue muy malo
by M.A Male / United States June 8, 2019
Excellent service.
by M.S Male / Chile June 7, 2019
I can count on this site to find rare cards that other stores have sold and never restocked
by S.A Male / Canada June 7, 2019
Everything was perfect. Amazing cards. Thank you for the excellent service. Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to order again!