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by N.W Male / United States Oct. 22, 2021
My order was shipped as soon as it was available; it arrived in perfect condition and got here quickly despite the long distance. 10/10 would shop again!
by C.L Male / United States Oct. 22, 2021
Fantastic service with the 5 recent orders.
by J Male / United Kingdom Oct. 21, 2021
Great fast friendly service
by L.C Male / France Oct. 21, 2021
Very good packaging, arrived quicker than I expected and in perfect condition.
by D.S Male / United States Oct. 21, 2021
Quick and easy purchase, and the packaging was fantastic. Everything fit snugly into the package, so there was no loose space for things to get damaged in.
by J Male / Singapore Oct. 21, 2021
by M Male / Canada Oct. 20, 2021
by H.R.F Male / United States Oct. 20, 2021
by J.S Male / United States Oct. 20, 2021
by K.W Female / Canada Oct. 20, 2021
Cards packaged very securely and cards were in mint condition. Very satisfied with the service provided.
by J Male / United States Oct. 20, 2021
Great services
by C.V Male / United States Oct. 20, 2021
by W.H Male / Canada Oct. 20, 2021
by A.I Male / Indonesia Oct. 20, 2021
Customer service was very helpful in resolving issues.
by H.N Male / Singapore Oct. 20, 2021
My order was very very very very well packaged and protected, extremely impressed.
by L Male / Italy Oct. 20, 2021
Package was in good conditions, delivery was pretty quick and the staff very kind.
by J Male / Singapore Oct. 20, 2021
Great cards received in great condition! Highly recommended!
by N Other / Spain Oct. 20, 2021
It came really protected, in perfect condition and it was an excellent service. They also gifted me an extra!!
by E.A Male / United States Oct. 20, 2021
Fast shipping, secure packaging, excellent additional gift!
by K Female / United States Oct. 20, 2021
by N Male / United States Oct. 19, 2021
by J.P Male / Mexico Oct. 19, 2021
As always everything was good, got the cards I was looking for and they all got delivered with nice quality, nicely packed and in a short delivery period of time.
by A.N Male / United States Oct. 19, 2021
by M Male / United States Oct. 18, 2021
Amazing. Shipped very quickly for an overseas order. Reasonably priced and package arrived very secured and safely. I will definitely be ordering from here again. Thank you!
by T Male / Australia Oct. 18, 2021
Packaged extremely well arrived super quickly and the cards were in amazing condition, can't wait
by M.P Male / United States Oct. 17, 2021
Very impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of packaging. Thanks for your excellent service =)
by T.R Male / United States Oct. 17, 2021
by P.P Male / United States Oct. 17, 2021
by S.K Female / United Kingdom Oct. 17, 2021
by A.D Female / United States Oct. 17, 2021
by P Male / Thailand Oct. 17, 2021
Great service. Every order are not even have any problem.
by G Male / France Oct. 17, 2021
Fast delivery
by X Other / United States Oct. 16, 2021
Awesome!, shipment was faster then I expected plus on that
by B Male / United States Oct. 16, 2021
Arrived safely, food prices. I got an SP.
by A Male / United States Oct. 16, 2021
Very helpful through the whole process, came as expected and packaged really well, I also enjoyed the free booster that came along with it! Great service 10/10
by J.Y Male / United States Oct. 16, 2021
Checking out was easy and the wait for my package wasn't too long. Packaging is really nice too. Thank You!
by N.P Male / Germany Oct. 15, 2021
Package arrived in perfect condition. I was impressed by the way the product was packaged.
by T.R Male / United States Oct. 15, 2021
Everything from buying to shipping went extremely well, and my products arrived undamaged.
by N Male / Netherlands Oct. 15, 2021
Great service and packaging was great too.
by J.V Male / Finland Oct. 15, 2021
Absolutely amazing! Fairly priced. Superbly packaged even though you wouldn’t need to do that much but it is appreciated. You sleeve the cards bought. Thank you for the Hololive Rebirth for you pack you gave as a gift, it made my day.
by W.D Male / United States Oct. 14, 2021
When purchasing an item it was difficult to find how to change the number of items being purchased.
by M.T Male / United States Oct. 14, 2021
Was very well packaged! Love that a booster pack was included!!
by A Male / Croatia Oct. 14, 2021
I was surprised that the cards arrived as quickly as they did, usually when I order stuff from Japan it takes at least a month to get here even if it's priority mail. The cards were also well packaged and protected.
by D.G Male / Austria Oct. 14, 2021
perfect. Great packaging, fast service and a clean website
by D.J Male / Austria Oct. 14, 2021
All great!
by A.F Male / Italy Oct. 14, 2021
All perfect, the card were just amazing and the service too. Always answered fast and very nice to all question and doubts, Thank u, i will surely reccomend this shop to anyone of mi friend looking for japanese cards.
by T.N Male / United States Oct. 13, 2021
Service is fantastic. The packaging in particular is what stands out. The idea to ship cards in a CD case is genius, and something ill have to remember if I ever need to ship any. The cards came in perfect condition and in their own sleeves, its very apparent that there was care put into making sure everything arrived safe. I've never used a service like this before but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Me and a friend both tried out this website to order some FE Cipher cards since we just started collecting, and when his order came in (shortly before mine) he was also very impressed with everything. The emails detailing my order were very organized, listed every item individually by their page listing, had a page to view the entire order, and a section to check the tracking information, all with a very nice and formal greeting on it. International shipping times are to be expected but all things considered it was still not a very long wait time. Overall shopping process was nice and easy too. The way the website is set up, you can look up any card by its number and set, and you can even look in special categories to search for things like special sleeves, promotional cards, or anything of the sort. Something else I was noticing was that the website is always being updated. While browsing I noticed some listings went out of stock when they weren't before, and that new ones appeared on the fly. It seems that all the listings are being updated frequently, which may not be much to most but its nice to see that it is being paid attention to. The next time I need to order trading cards I will absolutely be using this website.
by S Male / Singapore Oct. 13, 2021
by J.H Male / Australia Oct. 13, 2021
As always the packaging is great. Very much appreciated the help with my order when the incorrect one was originally sent. Support was quick. Thanks!
by A.S Male / United States Oct. 13, 2021