Customers' Feedback ( 3471 valued customers )

by N Male / United Kingdom Oct. 14, 2019
Thanks! The 2 cards I ordered are in great condition. Will you also have the Lysithea cards too?
by S.E Male / Italia Oct. 13, 2019
by S.E Male / Italia Oct. 13, 2019
by S.W Male / United States Oct. 13, 2019
The item that I ordered: 'Myrmidon of the Earth and Sky, Lyn / 空と大地の剣士 リン S10-001ST+ ST+,' arrived earlier than I expected. It was mailed to me in safe packaging, and thus in good condition. TCG Republic also threw me a freebie which was a really nice gesture.
by A Male / Canada Oct. 13, 2019
Cards were great and packaging is superb
by B Female / United States Oct. 13, 2019
My item is a bit difficult to find so i was very happy with this store and the service!
by N.F Other / United States Oct. 13, 2019
by J.R Other / Germany Oct. 11, 2019
The packaging was great! Everything arrived neat and safe. The extra booster pack gift gave me great joy. Thank you so much, I have already recommended you to my friends. <3
by M Male / United States Oct. 11, 2019
Your services was amazing. My cards arrived safely. All cards Mint condotion. Thank you for the free pack as well. :D
by J.P Male / Australia Oct. 10, 2019
very happy thank you
by E.G Male / United States Oct. 10, 2019
Shipped amazing and the cards are good mint.
by J.N Male / United States Oct. 10, 2019
Your service is perfect!! I really like the way you package the cards, thank you so much, keep up the good work.
by M Female / France Oct. 9, 2019
Arrived before than it was expected. Only 1 week after it was shipped.
The cards are like new.
Items may be a bit expensive, but that's okay. The booster pack they offer is pretty good ^.^.
Will probable shop gain!.
by F.B Male / France Oct. 9, 2019
by Z Male / Australia Oct. 9, 2019
Excellent customer support, card protection and quality
by J Male / Poland Oct. 9, 2019
by G Male / Belgium Oct. 8, 2019
I will definitely recommend you to my friends
by M.Z Female / United States Oct. 8, 2019
Fantastic service as always. Will always buy from your site
by M.M Male / United States Oct. 6, 2019
Wonderful cards! So happy to have them. They arrived quick and in great shape. Thank you!
by K.L Male / Singapore Oct. 6, 2019
by N.S Female / Germany Oct. 6, 2019
Amazing that shipping is free! Sadly Handling took very long and I only ordered a few cards but it did not get stuck in my local customs which I highly appreciate. Everything was packaged very well and I loved the extra goodie.
by S Male / Singapore Oct. 6, 2019
Delivery was long, however item was in good condition.
by S.P Male / United States Oct. 5, 2019
Great price and rare find
by E.H Female / Australia Oct. 5, 2019
Great packaging. Love the booster pack as a gift
by E Male / Italy Oct. 5, 2019
Fast gently reliable
by O Male / Israel Oct. 5, 2019
Consistently amazing
by E.F Female / United States Oct. 4, 2019
Great cards, great quality, great gift
by M Male / Peru Oct. 3, 2019
Great packaging and top quality state of cards
by Z Male / Belgium Oct. 3, 2019
by V Male / Singapore Oct. 3, 2019
product arrived in excellent condition, would buy again
by D Male / France Oct. 3, 2019
by J.H Male / United States Oct. 2, 2019
My cards came fast and well packaged. I appreciate the free gift as well!
by J Male / United Kingdom Oct. 2, 2019
Amazing, took a little extra time due to comiket but was warned of this before hand, arrived within a week after they sent it off
by K Male / Belgium Oct. 1, 2019
by A Female / United States Oct. 1, 2019
Always packaged well and shipping is very fast considering the items come from Japan. Always a pleasure buying from TCGRepublic.
by L.I Male / Philippines Oct. 1, 2019
very nice
by A.L Female / United States Sept. 29, 2019
by J.P Female / United States Sept. 29, 2019
Love it!
by I Male / Croatia Sept. 28, 2019
Amazing service! Packed very well came in great condition. Thank you!
by M.A Male / Canada Sept. 28, 2019
by F.B Male / France Sept. 27, 2019
by S.T Male / Germany Sept. 26, 2019
by S.T Male / Germany Sept. 26, 2019
Thank you, I look forward doing business with you in the future.
by V.C Male / Singapore Sept. 26, 2019
excellent product
by J.L Male / United States Sept. 26, 2019
One order took about a week longer than stated, but other than that order my experience has been very good!
by F.M Male / France Sept. 25, 2019
by D Male / United States Sept. 25, 2019
by G Male / Spain Sept. 25, 2019
by C.B Male / Thailand Sept. 24, 2019
by I Male / Croatia Sept. 24, 2019
Great service, fast and secure shipping. Recommend to everyone who is looking for single cards. Thank you!