Customers' Feedback ( 2925 valued customers )

by A.B Male / United States Dec. 3, 2018
Cards arrived a bit sooner than I anticipated were in phenomenal condition and I didn't expect the free booster pack on the side. You folks are awesome and I appreciate the great service.
by W.D Male / Australia Nov. 30, 2018
this is my second time buy with them the card is pretty awesome protect is quite new
by S.L Male / Lithuania Nov. 29, 2018
by B.P Male / Canada Nov. 28, 2018
Thank you so much as usual! Everything came nice and smoothly! Thank you for the free gift too! It was much appreciated! ^w^
by M Female / United States Nov. 28, 2018
Amazing customer service -- the best I've had
by A.S Male / Italia Nov. 28, 2018
Perfect as usual!! super fast shipping and a booster pack for free :)
by M Male / Australia Nov. 27, 2018
amazing seller
by B.B Male / Canada Nov. 27, 2018
TCGRepublic is incredible! I've order from you 5 times now and everything was always smooth and easy. I've even had issues which were dealt with quickly and professionally. You always know how much you'll be paying too which is nice!
by S Male / Malaysia Nov. 27, 2018
Packaging is great I live at a place where customs do not care about the condition of the parcel and I am able to receive my items intact.
by K.S Male / Netherlands Nov. 26, 2018
Very great service. Very good quality.
by E.W Male / Singapore Nov. 24, 2018
Feedback on my 3 recent orders: Victory Dragon / ヴィクトリー・ドラゴン SDX-JP002 Arrived damaged with a crack in the card picture foiling showing the paper underneath. Gemini Elf / ヂェミナイ・エルフ BC-34 Arrived with a very big and obvious dent on the bottom right of the card. Some of the other older cards also had damaged edges and corners but the two cards I specified were the worst. The newer cards arrived in beautiful condition. Aside from that the cards were very well packaged. I also appreciate the two free booster packs thank you very much for that.
by I Male / Croatia Nov. 24, 2018
Great service and products. Will come back for more! Thank you!
by G.M Male / France Nov. 24, 2018
Fast shipping with care I really apriciate it. :)
by A.A Male / United States Nov. 22, 2018
Everything was fine and package came on time and secure.Although right after I bought my product it's price lowered five dollars which bothered me a little but didn't really matter.
by D.M Male / Slovenia Nov. 21, 2018
by T.M Female / Australia Nov. 21, 2018
The packaging was perfect and kept everything safe. Thank you for the free booster as well.
by L.P Male / United States Nov. 21, 2018
Super fast delivery. My order came in a lot sooner than expected. Easy to purchase and no hassles.
by A Male / Serbia Nov. 21, 2018
Great! Fast shipping. Greetings from Serbia
by Z.F Female / Spain Nov. 19, 2018
by M.S Male / Republic Of Korea Nov. 19, 2018
Perfect packaging
by D.L Male / The Netherlands Nov. 17, 2018
Great feedback and super fast shipping. Will definitely buy things here again.
by A.F Male / Canada Nov. 17, 2018
cards in prefect condition plenty of bonus extra cards included which was very much appreciated.
by P.M Male / United States Nov. 17, 2018
Fast Shipping Great service!
by F Male / United States Nov. 14, 2018
It was so amazing! The wrapping and care put into it left me very surprised and happy!
by M.D Male / Canada Nov. 14, 2018
Quick no issues as always... mind you I wish I had not hesitated on the "Yuki Earnest Miko" before the price increase but what can you do. :)
by K.S Male / United Kingdom Nov. 13, 2018
I really love everything about this site the prices the avability of stock and restocking is amazing!
by Q.D Male / France Nov. 13, 2018
Perfect ! Very well proteced package fast shipping ! Thank you !
by G.K Male / Germany Nov. 13, 2018
Well recived service with a good price The only thing that could be better is the aize of the shipping carton was for my personal tastw to big for just one deck holder.
by T Male / United States Nov. 11, 2018
Overseas shipping was still very fast and I only made a small order but some bonus was thrown in which I greatly appreciated.
by M Male / United States Nov. 11, 2018
I was very happy with the quality of the product and the services taken to keep them in good conditions. I am also very happy that you gave me a free item as a thank you! 100% satisfaction from me and I will always refer TCGRepublic to all!
by D.C Male / United States Nov. 11, 2018
by G.F Female / United Kingdom Nov. 10, 2018
Excellent service as always.
by A.S Female / Canada Nov. 8, 2018
Everything nicely packaged as always
by K.S Male / United States Nov. 8, 2018
A great service for finding rare or hard to get game cards. The seletion of old and new stuff is impressive and they are considerate of how the package will be delivered.
by C Male / United States Nov. 7, 2018
Fast to respond to email great packaging.
by M Male / Australia Nov. 7, 2018
amazing seller
by M.C Male / Italy Nov. 7, 2018
Fast service and delivery cards in mint condition! Thank you!
by M / United States Nov. 6, 2018
Everything went smoothly. Got my item and it was well packaged. No issues.
by W.S Male / United Kingdom Nov. 6, 2018
Came a lot faster than I expected and in perfect condition. The extra pack of cards included was a lovely touch as well.
by P.R Male / United Kingdom Nov. 5, 2018
Perfect. My son loves ordering from you.
by C.R / Canada Nov. 5, 2018
My order arrived in perfect condition. どうもありがとうございました.
by J.W Male / United States Nov. 5, 2018
Fast shipping as always cards are great thanks.
by J.S Male / United States Nov. 4, 2018
I like how much care the items come with. Excellent packaging and conditions of the items. Good service and business.
by D Male / United States Nov. 2, 2018
by O.G Male / Israel Nov. 1, 2018
Excellent! I was very pleased with your services I'll definitely buy cards from tcgrepublic again in the future and recommend your sites to my friends
by A.M Male / Deutschland Nov. 1, 2018
Very very nice people. I have asked you so many questions and holes because I ordered for the first time and you have answered everything. They were nice accommodating and very polite. As my cards were very well packed and neat there was even a booster pack that I had not ordered! I was extremely happy.
by S.C Male / United States Nov. 1, 2018
by B.P Male / Canada Nov. 1, 2018
by S.V Male / Australia Oct. 30, 2018
Cards were packed well and shipped in a timely manner and arrived in a timely manner
by C.M Male / United States Oct. 30, 2018
Excellent packaging and speed