Customers' Feedback ( 3123 valued customers )

by C.B Male / Thailand April 7, 2019
I very like it.
by A Female / Canada April 7, 2019
Great as always
by Y.M Male / United States April 7, 2019
It was a really extraordinary good package and Iam completely satisfied with the order.
by K Male / United States April 7, 2019
Fast excellent seller highly recommend
by J.S Male / United States April 7, 2019
Great Service Thank you!
by Z.T Male / Belgium April 5, 2019
by S Male / United States April 4, 2019
Always happy with my items. Great shipping. Items are always sent with really great care.
by G.F Female / United Kingdom April 4, 2019
by K Male / United States April 4, 2019
Cards came in. Fantastic condition! Thank you!
by N Male / Canada April 4, 2019
Products were very well protected shipping was quick
by S.H Female / Puerto Rico April 4, 2019
Most cards like always were Amazing others were in ok condition and one was not in good condition at all but overall the order was pretty great thanks for the service
by B Male / Netherlands April 3, 2019
expensive but worth it
by L Male / Italy April 2, 2019
by A.G Male / Chile April 2, 2019
by I.B Male / United States March 31, 2019
The absolute best!
by N Female / Netherlands March 31, 2019
smooth arived save in good shape
by E.F Female / United States March 29, 2019
Great cards great condition great value great gift
by R.B Male / United States March 29, 2019
by V Male / Chile March 28, 2019
excellent service very concerned if the product reached its destination are a very reliable company
by S.H Male / United States March 28, 2019
Love the condition of the cards and the free pack that comes with purchase.
by M.R Male / France March 28, 2019
Fast delivery and perfect packaging. It really is always a pleasure to shop on TCG Republic!
by J.W Male / United States March 28, 2019
Thanks for your hard work 100%
by D.S Male / Singapore March 27, 2019
Slightly delayed due to the event
by L Male / Spain March 27, 2019
As a beginner in this kind of world I certainly was a little worried due to anything wrong that could happen but those worries fastly disappear as I discovered the excellent service that Tcg provides I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks for delivering such happiness packed in your products around the world!
by J.C Male / Spain March 25, 2019
Good packaging and good service. I will continue buying.
by B.B Male / France March 25, 2019
Very kind of you to send a PDX booster with PDX supplies really enjoyed the touch ! Packaging was pretty good.
by J Male / United States March 24, 2019
I have only 1 complaint. You lack foils/holos. Most of what I want are cute girl cards that are foiled or holo. Stock more!
by R.C Male / Australia March 24, 2019
Great service appreciate the good packaging
by J Male / United States March 24, 2019
by K.S Male / Germany March 20, 2019
Very nice contact fast shippment the cards were in excellent condition and were packed very well (Sleeved and in hard plastic case)
by T.G Male / Germany March 20, 2019
by A Male / United States March 19, 2019
Awesome packaging I could tell tcgrepublic cares about protecting the cards I order. Ordered once before years ago and remembered it being positive so I ordered again and was reminded of how great the experience with tcgrepublic is keep it up!
by T.T Male / Canada March 19, 2019
Excellent services and card quality
by P.E Male / Germany March 19, 2019
Great packaging and cards were in given condition. Even got an extra booster. It takes quite long until it arrives but since it has to ship to germany and shipping is free I cant complain.
by N.P Female / Italy March 17, 2019
by B Female / United States March 17, 2019
Very fast delivery with very nice messages! I was always up-to-date with everything. Thank you for the excellent service!
by A.R Male / United States March 17, 2019
Arrived earlier than expected! :)
by A Female / United Kingdom March 13, 2019
A little expensive but I have seen far worse (eBay). Was a pleasant surprise to find I did not need to pay import fees. Though I am not sure if it was just luck or the bill for the fee will come at a later date. Another pleasant surprise was finding a booster pack. Was the most secure packaging I have ever had compared to sellers on eBay and Rakuten.
by J Male / United States March 13, 2019
Thank You all for searching for the Nao Yokoyama card that I was looking for. Great job.
by K Female / United Kingdom March 13, 2019
Amazing service. Great packaging for the cards and even got a free booster pack pleasant surprise!
by S.R Male / India March 12, 2019
The card arrived in excellent condition and the packaging was really great too!The shipment arrived well within the delivery period.Will definitely buy cards from you guys again in the future.
by I Male / Croatia March 12, 2019
Great service fast shipping. Everything perfect. Thank you!
by R Other / United States March 12, 2019
Very good and package is really good. Delivery is a bit slow due to USPS but acceptable.
by M.Q Male / Mexico March 12, 2019
Everything is fine.
by L.W Male / Belgium March 11, 2019
by T Male / Finland March 11, 2019
Really good! Fast shipping cards perfect condition and the gift always makes a day!
by E.B Male / United States March 11, 2019
Other than my fault of not checking my spam for the messages amazing service you provide
by M.D Male / Canada March 11, 2019
Both orders arrived a okay. Thanks for combining them.
by D.K Male / Germany March 10, 2019
fast delivery; cards were undamaged and packed up in high Quality protection material
by E.S Male / Canada March 10, 2019