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Customers' Feedback

by E.M Female / Australia Sept. 12, 2019
Excellent. Always well packaged and arrives quickly. Thank you so much for the free gift! As I live overseas, boosters are very expensive and difficult to get, so I really appreciate it.
by E.H Female / Australia Sept. 12, 2019
Package arrives within two to three weeks. Perfectly packaged. And that booster pack as a gift is always greatly appreciated :)
by D.F Male / France Sept. 12, 2019
by L.M Other / United States Sept. 11, 2019
Impressively fast shipping, well packaged and the best prices available!
by S Female / Uruguay Sept. 11, 2019
Item arrives in perfect condition, the seller is caring and willing to know and take action if something is wrong with the order, also I got a gift for my purchase! Excellent service.
by S Male / Korea Sept. 11, 2019
by A.W Male / United States Sept. 11, 2019
by P.G Male / United States Sept. 10, 2019
by B Male / Australia Sept. 9, 2019
by K.T Male / United States Sept. 9, 2019
by S.R Male / United Kingdom Sept. 8, 2019
Fast and professional service. Product was protected properly
by J.P Female / United States Sept. 8, 2019
I love the care/packages used to keep the cards safe,and the dedication of the sellers to the satisfaction of their customers
by G.S Male / United States Sept. 7, 2019
by M.M Male / United States Sept. 6, 2019
I'm a repeat customer. Love your products, and your service. Thank you very much!
by G.O Female / United Kingdom Sept. 5, 2019
by K.G Male / Canada Sept. 5, 2019
by K Male / Canada Sept. 5, 2019
EXCELLENT, packaging was impressive.
by A.W Male / Canada Sept. 4, 2019
Love the packaging and the bonus booster packs were an awesome surprise!!
by D Male / New Zealand Sept. 4, 2019
Very good communication and service, requested items was stocked very fast and impressed with shipping time and packaging.
by A Female / United Kingdom Sept. 4, 2019
Arrived super quickly, thank you so much! Such attentive care and detail to packaging as usual I'm really pleased. :)